Who We Are

SIMCO specializes in Jail, Prison and Corrections Expert Witness Consultation Services. SIMCo is owned and operated by Joseph Gunja, our CEO and President. Joe has extensive experience in the corrections, jail and prison field, with more than 30 years of experience in a variety of challenging locations and positions with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The FBOP has been the trend-setter in the corrections arena for the past 80 years.

Our Commitment

Joe is recognized as one of the leading subject matter experts in corrections, and continues to be a sought-after speaker, lecturer and trainer.

Expert Witness Areas

Use of Force & Use of Deadly Force

Simco's expert testimony in Use of Force and Use of Deadly Force cases is unparalleled, providing a comprehensive analysis that combines legal expertise with practical insights. Trust us to deliver a compelling narrative that scrutinizes the nuances of each situation, ensuring a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the use of force.

Wrongful Death

Simco specializes in offering expert testimony for Wrongful Death cases. Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of experience to the courtroom, shedding light on critical aspects such as liability, negligence, and the impact of actions leading to tragic outcomes.

Prisoner Transportation

Simco provides expert testimony in cases involving Prisoner Transportation. Rely on our experts to scrutinize transport protocols, assess compliance with standards, and contribute invaluable insights to strengthen your legal strategy.

Operational and Physical Security

Simco stands as a beacon of expertise in Operational and Physical Security matters. Rely on our expert witnesses to dissect security protocols, assess vulnerabilities, and provide invaluable insights that strengthen your legal arguments.

Inmate/Gang Management

Count on Simco for expert testimony in cases related to Inmate/Gang Management. Our seasoned experts offer a deep understanding of correctional dynamics, providing critical insights into management practices and strategies.

Staff Training

When it comes to Staff Training, Simco's expert witnesses offer a wealth of knowledge. Trust us to evaluate training programs, assess adherence to standards, and provide insights that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of your case.

Special Housing Unit & Segregation Operations

Simco excels in providing expert testimony for Special Housing Unit & Segregation Operations. Our experts bring clarity to the complexities of housing conditions, administrative procedures, and operational protocols within correctional settings.

Health Care Administration

In cases involving Health Care Administration in correctional settings, Simco's expert testimony is invaluable. Trust our experts to analyze healthcare protocols, assess compliance with standards, and provide insights crucial to legal proceedings.


Simco is your go-to source for expert testimony in Investigations. Count on our experts to meticulously analyze investigative processes, evaluate adherence to legal standards, and provide valuable insights that strengthen your legal arguments.

Intelligence Gathering

For cases related to Intelligence Gathering, Simco's expert witnesses bring a wealth of knowledge. Rely on us to scrutinize intelligence practices, assess legal compliance, and contribute essential insights to your legal strategy.


Simco is your trusted partner for expert testimony in Sentencing cases. Our experts meticulously analyze sentencing considerations, offering insights crucial to understanding the legal implications and contributing to a robust legal defense.